Pre-Contest Show Tickets

This year’s Pre-contest Show will be January 27th-28th.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Auditorium is currently at 25% capacity and ticketing is limited to two tickets per performer.

Ticket On-Sale Dates:

  • Diamond Patrons – Wednesday, January 20th at 10am
  • Platinum Patrons – Thursday, January 21st at 10am
  • Gold Patrons – Friday, January 22nd at 10am
  • Silver Patrons – Saturday, January 23rd at 10am
  • All Other Performers – Sunday, January 24th at 10am
    (use your student’s ID number as coupon code)

Patrons will receive specific coupon/access codes which are required to purchase tickets prior January 24th when tickets go on-sale for all performers.

A live stream will also be available to purchase for each performance.

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Pre-Contest Show Tickets

This year’s Pre-contest Show is scheduled for January 27th-28th.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Auditorium is currently at 25% capacity and ticketing is limited.

Ticket On-Sale Dates:

  • Ticket on-sale dates are still being determined due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Patrons will receive specific coupon/access codes which are required to purchase tickets prior to when tickets go on-sale to the general public.

A live stream will also be available to purchase for each performance.

Featured Seniors

Each week we will be featuring a new set of senior choir members.


Hello, my name is Megan Suzanne Cherry. I am the daughter of Angela and Scott  Cherry, and sister to Mitchell, Madalyn, and Michael. This is my third year in the Center  Grove Choral Department. Before joining choir, I played flute for four years in the Center  Grove Band Department. I started as the dance captain of Surround Sound my  sophomore and junior year, then moved to Debtones for my last year. Now I am one of  three dance captains for the varsity choir. 

I have so many amazing memories from being in choir, it is hard to choose just one  to share. A memory that I will always cherish would be my first competition. I remember  having so much fun performing with my friends and hanging out to watch other the  choirs. 

Other than choir, I have participated in competitive dance. My hobbies also include  reading, writing, painting, and spending time with my friends. I am also part of the Early  College Program, and I am set to graduate with an associate’s degree in June. I have  not decided where I am going to college yet, but I plan to study political and legal  sciences. 

I would like to thank my amazing parents for allowing me to be a part of the choral  program. They have endlessly supported and loved me through these past years. I  would also like to thank Mr. Norman for giving me the opportunity to be not only a  member, but also a leader in both Surround Sound and Debtones. Additionally, I would  love to thank my sister, Madalyn, for convincing me to try out for choir and sharing her  love of music with me. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all of my other friends and  family who have come to our shows and supported the program. 

This choral program has given me so many chances to meet new people and  expand my love for music. It has been a great few years, and I am excited to see what  my future holds in years to come!


My name is Maggie Lynn Rumple, and I’ve been involved in the Center Grove Choirs  all four years of my high school career. It has consistently been the best part of my  school days, the one class I always look forward to attending.  

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and the ability to sing and dance and  grow among my peers has been integral in my growth as a person. Each year it’s like I  gain a whole new family. Those who are strangers at the beginning of the year end up  being the closest of friends. The opportunities to learn and grow are endless. The  feelings of pure joy, pride, and unity I feel while performing on stage with my peers is  like none other. Every class period is full of laughter and fun. I’m eternally proud of  every single choir in the department, not just my own. My experiences in Accents and  Surround Sound are unparalleled as the happiest of my life.  

I am forever grateful for my mother and father, Toby and David Rumple, for giving  me the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful program. The time and effort they  have put into assisting me to be the best I can be does not go unappreciated. Thanks to  the program, I met someone at a choir competition who has become the best friend I’ve  ever had in my entire life. I am so lucky for all the amazing things that show choir has  brought into my world. It truly has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will deeply  miss every single thing about the program. Thank you so much to Mr. Norman and Mrs.  Dice for making show choir the best part of my high school experience. And thank you,  dear reader, for coming to see us do what we love.

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Click Here for 2020-2021 Patron Program information.  Patron registration has closed as of September 2nd at 11:59pm.

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