Featured Seniors

Each week we will be featuring a new set of senior choir members.


My name is Anna Grace Marcus and I have been participating in the Center  Grove Choir Department for 4 years. This is my second year in Debtones and I couldn’t  be sadder to leave. I wish I had more time to spend here but it’s time for a new chapter  to arise.  

I will be attending Ball State University this coming fall to major in psychology  and hopefully become a clinical pediatric psychologist. It’s so crazy to think that this  time next year, I’ll be in a whole new chapter of life. I’m so sad to leave all of these girls  who I’ve grown so close to, and the directors in the program who have helped me grow  into the person I am today.  

I would especially like to thank some people who have helped me grow into the  person I am now. My grandma, who is no longer with me, has truly been one of my  biggest supporters since day one. As much as I miss her face in the audience, I know  she’s still cheering me on. My mom and dad have always come to every show they can  since I can remember and have let me pursue music my entire life even when I didn’t  become the sports kid as they may have hoped. I have so many friends who have  supported me along the way that I wouldn’t have been able to do this without as well.  Also, to my directors, thank you for pushing me every day to be the best I can be and  never giving up on me. You guys have truly made choir such a safe place and you will  be so missed. Your encouragement and support always meant so much and I won’t  ever forget it. I can’t wait to perform this year and make my final year the best yet.  Thank you to everyone who has made it possible. I love you all.


My name is Darby Horsman and I am the Dance Captain of Surround Sound.  This is my second year in the choir department and music in general. I started dancing  just one year ago, teaching myself how to move and feel the music. At the end of my  Sophomore year, I decided to break out of my shell and audition for choir, and I ended  up being placed in Surround Sound.  

At the beginning of my Junior, I auditioned for my first ever musical and became  the Co-Dance Captain of Center Grove’s “Addams Family Musical” with little to no  dance experience, just hard work and a strong passion for performing. Through working  every day on music I am able to keep up with many experienced members of the choir  and performers outside of the High school.  

Outside of choir, music is my main focus. I compose and produce, choreograph,  learn new instruments, and study the ins and outs of the music world. I highly enjoy just  listening to music and thinking of all the possibilities of the future. When I listen to music  I am swept away into my own world and carried into a new thought.  

When dancing I look at new techniques and incorporate them into my repertoire  and post them on my social media. My dance style is very nontraditional, but I am able  to perform musical theatre, simple tap, jazz, and my main focus, hip-hop. My current  dance style is very urban with sprinkles of other dance styles here and there, which you  can see on my Instagram, @db._mo. I started my Instagram as a way to prove to  people that I am not a joke and to show that I can dance and work hard.  

My future plans are to major in Music Production and work on composing songs  and also performing on the side. Music Production allows me to follow my passion and  to continue learning about new techniques and about different instruments. I love to put  together puzzles and a song is like a puzzle; you have to put in the correct pieces.  

My favorite choir memory would be my first competition in Fishers last year. It  was such a new experience, and it was fun watching all of the other shows and looking  at the different songs and styles they used. Seeing all of the people passionate about a  performance is so inspiring. The most memorable part was stepping onto the stage and  hearing all of the cheers from the crowd for our show.  

Choir has opened me up in so many ways and allowed so many opportunities for  the future. I am so grateful for the program and everyone involved with it. I can’t wait to  see what will come next in my future.  

I would like to thank my parents, grandparents, brother, the rest of my family,  Mrs. McNulty, Mr. Norman, and Mrs. Dice. Thank you for all of the support and advice  you have given me, and I will cherish that for the rest of my life.