Fall Fest Tickets

Fall Fest is Thursday, 9/29 at 7pm

  • Corporate Patron tickets are available beginning Thursday, 9/15
  • Non-Patron/General Public tickets are available beginning Sunday, 9/18

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Reminder: All seats are now reserved seating, so be sure to get your ticket sooner than later! Patrons: Many patrons have already been assigned seats as requested.  If you wish to purchase additional seats, using the benefits of your patron package, follow the steps below:

  • Click the link above
  • Select your seats (you can only select what is included in your patron package)
  • Click “Confirm Seats” on top right of screen
  • If you’ve purchased tickets online before, login using your e-mail/password.  Otherwise, choose “Create Patron Account”
  • Use the same e-mail address you provided when purchasing your patron membership
  • You will then be asked to confirm your details and complete your purchase.  If your package includes discounts, they will be applied to your order automatically.
  • Note: If you receive an “Unable to price tickets” error – that means you are trying to purchase tickets that are not included with your patron package, and you will have to wait until they are open to the public.

Fall Fest Soloists

Gents, Choraliares, Couterpoints:

  • Homeward Bound: Athulya Nair
  • Last Midnight: Cameron Poole
  • No One Is Alone: Rachel Dawson
  • Careful the Things You Say: Alyssa Hart and Gavin Dowling

Solo Acts:

  • Sara Porter
  • Taylor Ward
  • Morganne Keller and Alex Milligan with Alie Kryder
  • Hannah Fleming and Madi McGraw
  • Sh’Boom Guys

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All Choir Season Pass

All Choir Season Passes are now available. These passes are $100 each and include tickets to all 8 choirs performances this season. (excluding Madrigal) Using the link below, you can purchase and reserve your tickets for this upcoming season.

Click Here to Purchase All Choir Season Pass

Detailed step by step instructions can be found by clicking here.

Corporate Patron Registration

Click here for Corporate Patron Program Registration.  This registration is for corporate patron sponsorships only and does not include the All Season Choir Pass.  This will be open starting August 18th and more information will be posted at that time.

Updated Payment Schedule

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2016-2017 Company Managers

  • Sound System: Liz Webb and Noah Wright
  • Debtones: Hannah Fleming and Lauren Gay
  • CG Singers: Mitchell Black and Adrianna Goss
  • Surround Sound: Alex Eads and Gracie Vance
  • Accents: Maddie Hoffman and Taylor McNamee

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